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Interested in original artwork?  
Looking to customize?
Send me an email using the link above or the form below.  I will respond as soon as I can.
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I am happy to be sharing my artwork through Fine Art America, partnering with to deliver you high quality prints.  Not just prints on canvas for your walls, but prints on mugs, blankets, phone cases, pillows, t-shirts, and much more. I highly recommend you check  out what they, and their community of artists have to offer.  


I will turn any picture into a painting.  Most commonly I do pet and house portraits but am not limited to those subjects.  My medium of choice is acrylic on canvas and will sometimes mix in other things.   These are popular gifts!
I will need at least one good photo of what you want and and an idea of how big you want it or how much you want to spend. Prices are based on size and materials used.  Extra charges may be added for any shipping/packing costs.  Please contact me for an official quote.  
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about me and my style, background etc with photo
Thanks for visiting my website! I have been an artist  my whole life.  I always loved taking art classes growing up in school and have tried a lot of different things.  I started becoming successful with art in high school when I won The 2004 Annapolis Film Festival Poster Contest and The Art Award in my graduating class.    Throughout school I had  pieces displayed  at several places including The Delaplane Visual Arts Center (Frederick, MD) and The Discovery Channel Building (Washington, DC).
After school I knew I wanted to continue to pursue these kinds of  opportunities.  I began doing custom paintings for people through word of mouth and also kept entering myself into various art contests.  I won another - The 2012 Washington County Blues Festival Poster Contest.  This gave me an opportunity to have my artwork on billboards, posters, and T-shirts and more.  I have gained a lot of success in customized paintings since then but love working on my own ideas too.  I have painted and sold hundreds of things and find the best compliment to be a referral. 
I accept cryptocurrency.

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